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Welcome to Pen and Sword Professional Writing

Pen and Sword Professional Writing is the expert in what is interesting and relevant about your business - and we have the talent to bring it to the fore as an effective tool for achieving your desired corporate objective.

The fastest way to waste opportunities and burn time, resources and money is to regard content creation today as a non-specialised skill and overlook the need for genuine talent.

Content that leverages your business and cuts through the competition's messaging cannot be entrusted to subject matter experts simply because they understand an industry and can write about it. The result will be writing that is:

a) Technical, overly specialised and jargon-heavy;

b) Often motivated by a desire to showcase the writer's expertise;

c) Only accessible and relevant to people who are already interested in or involved with the industry. (It's easy to preach to the converted, but it's also very bad for business in 2019.) 

In today's information dense and highly connected world the competition for people's attention is ferocious. What may have worked five years ago is no longer viable. In just a short space of time audiences have become more resistant to click-bait and more intolerant of boring or challenging content that they find neither interesting nor relevant. Businesses that fail to engage professional communicators are not truly communicating - they are essentially just shouting into a void. Quality writing that inspires and resonates will populate that void while building trust and generating interest within a broad audience.

Our origins

Pen & Sword Professional Writing is the result of a vision that emerged from a diverse range of professional experiences spanning more than two decades. From the long-form feature writing; fast paced news reporting and advertorial content creation of journalism through to speech-writing for top tier government professionals and CEOs of global finance firms, it became clear that many businesses were looking for creative content that also delivered results. Leading companies also wanted writing that was underpinned by business acumen and strategic insights.

Pen and Sword Professional Writing can deliver on all of those objectives.

This is because a genuinely capable writer with sufficient experience can write about anything after just a few hours of research or a discussion with subject matter experts - with a result that delivers interesting, engaging and accessible content that stands out and stands above in terms of quality.

Pen & Sword Professional Writing has proven this to be true by producing original content for global corporations that dramatically increased website and social media engagement - without having any prior understanding of the subject matter or industry.

We know how to follow a brief and deliver on it, we know how to ask the relevant questions and we know how to work quickly.

Our work and experience

Our portfolio of work covers subject matter including Finance and Investment; Disruptive Technology and Artificial Intelligence; Forensics; Primary Industries and Resources; Health and Well-being; Architecture and Design; Travel and Leisure; Real Estate; Cyber Security; Crime Prevention; Fashion, Arts & Culture; Music Reviews; Government Policy and Political Analysis; Policing and Crime; Social Justice issues; Child Psychology Development and Welfare; Psychology; Australian History; Indigenous Issues; Popular Culture; and Wildlife Preservation.

Our professional experience includes speech-writing; high level and executive correspondence; ghost-writing book introductions for high-profile figures; script-writing for corporate marketing videos; writing content for a variety of publications including hardcover books, magazines, newspapers and journals; producing advertising copy for full page publication in national newspapers; writing content for government and commercial websites. 

To connect with us please email: [email protected] and leave a brief message along with your contact details. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Please note that due to our small team and word-of-mouth demand for our services, there are times when we are not available to take on any new projects. If this is the case we will notify you and we thank you in advance for your understanding.


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